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It’s what’s inside that counts

Paul Callow, managing director of Cartridge World, warns against cutting corners when purchasing printer supplies

Paul Callow
Paul Callow

For most businesses, replacing ink and toner cartridges is a recurring expense. While it’s understandable to want to save money on something you have to buy regularly, Paul Callow, managing director of Cartridge World, says that price should not be the deciding factor when selecting ink or toner.

“If printer supplies from the manufacturer are too expensive, buyers will naturally seek other options and ways of saving money,” he said. “However, cheaper is not always better value and can lead to problems”.

When it comes to saving money on cartridges, Callow says there are three main options: “Have cartridges or toners refilled locally; purchase very cheap products online; or purchase a compatible product from a longstanding, reputable supplier.”

Cartridge World, a print specialist with an online store and network of physical stores across the UK, encourages printer users to buy either original manufacturer branded cartridges (e.g. HP, Canon or Epson) or quality compatible products from a well-known brand (e.g. Cartridge World).

Choosing the cheapest possible supplies, warns Callow, might save you a few pennies initially, but could cost you more in the long run if things go wrong.

“Printing, particularly in the business environment, is often critically important. So, by buying the best and most reliable products available, customers are more likely to avoid printer problems and can keep working without hindrance or additional repair costs,” he said.

Beware counterfeits

Compatible product
Compatible product

Callow adds that users should be wary of some of the bargains that can be found online, pointing out that if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

“Amazon and eBay are over-flowing with very low-priced products and we would advise users to be very cautious with regard to products that might be available for less than one fifth of the cost of the same product from the printer manufacturer,” he said.

“If the price is simply way below the market price, there is a chance that the product in question is counterfeit. Over the years, the makers of counterfeit products have become incredibly sophisticated so that it can be difficult to spot the difference between a genuine OEM product and a fake. Fortunately, manufacturers have introduced measures, such as holographic stickers, to identify genuine products and help customers avoid fakes.”

Quality compatibles
Cartridge World itself produces an extensive range of economical, high quality cartridges compatible with all the major brands of printer for home and business use.

“All of the products meet ISO9001 and ISO14001 and also conform to STMC standards. STMC is an independent regulatory body that tests printer cartridges and toners to ensure that the products meet quoted yields,” explained Callow.

“Cartridge World products use a blend of new, remanufactured and recycled components, so they are good for the environment too.”

Cartridge World recently launched a Premium range, designed to offer equal output to the cartridges and toners provided by the printer manufacturers.

“The new Cartridge World Premium OEM Alternative cartridges and laser toners are assembled and manufactured in our own facility in China – previously,

Cartridge World products were sourced from a range of suppliers across Europe and the Far East. This new facility has enabled us to deliver incredible quality, incredibly consistently,” Callow said.

He added: “The Cartridge World Premium range is generally 30% less expensive than the manufacturer versions and they come with a full, no quibble money back guarantee. They can be purchased online at, in our own stores across the UK, in Office Outlet and in a growing number of independent retailers and office products dealers.”