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IT support


IT support provider Probrand has published a selection of the funniest (i.e. most embarrassing) support calls it received last year. These include:

1 A user who had punched his laptop and wanted the screen replaced before his colleagues found out.

2 One frantic caller who got in touch to advise that their laptop was unusable and full of viruses – It turns out they’d been using their work laptop to watch X-rated videos at home.

3 An embarrassed user who needed help unlinking their company iCloud from their work phone, as ‘personal’ photographs got mixed in with work files.

4 A major business client that called to report they’d lost their internet connection. It turned out the internet was down because an employee in the business’s finance team had cancelled their BT line to save £20 a month. It took almost two weeks for the business to get back online, costing thousands of pounds in lost revenue.

5 After an entire corporate network had gone down several times, Probrand engineers found that someone had cut through the main power lead supporting the servers and repaired it with gaffer tape and a part designed for domestic use.

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