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IT company predicts full-time office work will become a thing of the past

An I.T managed services company which specialises in helping businesses work from home has predicted only a tiny fraction of North East companies will have all workers back in the office full time in future.

IT managed services specialist TruStack has enabled hundreds of organisations to implement ‘Hybrid Working’ practices during a year of lockdowns, which first began almost a year ago on March 26 2020.

After consulting many of its customers and suppliers, TruStack’s Commercial Director Phil Cambers believes most businesses will introduce Hybrid Working in future, where employees regularly switch between working from home and from the office.

Mr Cambers said: “I haven’t spoken to a single client or supplier who have said that all of their workforce will be returning to the office once lockdown restrictions have ended.

“Each one has said they will be operating a level of Hybrid Working, where employees are able to seamlessly switch between multiple locations.

“We believe this will be the way the vast majority of companies across the North East will be working, and this will be the same for businesses across the UK in general, too.

“Whether you are talking about an IT company, housing association, law firm or even a manufacturing company with administration staff, a percentage of that workforce will be working from home in future.“

This past year TruStack has enabled many businesses to be able to work in a hybrid fashion and continue operating during particularly challenging times.

Mr Cambers added: “Working in a hybrid fashion may sound easy but there are many critical considerations which businesses need to be aware of.

For example, it is vital to ensure security is as robust as possible now the four walls of the office have become scattered over an entire region.

“The traditional boundaries of companies’ networks no longer exist so ensuring their home and remote workers are secure is of paramount importance.

“To enable employees to be able to work from any remote location, it is of paramount importance that businesses maintain the same level of security for devices and users working outside of the office as they would within the office.”

One business that TruStack has helped navigate Hybrid Working is Durham-based CDS Security & Fire, which says it plans to continue working this way in future.

Rosie Abbott, Managing Director of CDS Security & Fire, said “TruStack were on hand every step of the way to ensure that we had everything set up correctly so that our customers felt minimal, if any disruptions as we moved to Hybrid Working during lockdown.

“We would not hesitate to call upon TruStack again as they responded to our requests with professionalism and speed during what was unknown event.

“Much like many other companies, moving forward our employees will be working both from home and from the office, and it’s largely thanks to TruStack that we will be able to do that.”

Away from Hybrid Working, TruStack specialises in end-to-end managed IT services including Cybersecurity and Unified Communications.

Amongst its many clients it counts several of the North East’s Top 200 companies – including Muckle LLP and Collingwood Business Solutions – as well as big names across the UK such as the Natural History Museum and Vertu Motors.

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