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Iridescent innovation

Hybrid Dual Metallic

The highlight of Pentel’s stand at the London Stationery Show (April 25-26) will be its brand new Hybrid Dual Metallic gel pen range, which marketing manager Wendy Vickery considers to be the most innovative writing instrument to have entered the market for years.

She said: “Gel pens have been around for a couple of decades. Indeed, most of us have used one at some stage in our lives, whether for writing Christmas cards or for everyday use in the office. So, we’re all familiar with the smooth writing and rich depth of pigment ink colour they produce. However, our new Hybrid Dual Metallic pen is no ordinary gel pen, it’s unique. Inspired by the natural world – such as the aurora borealis or the sheen on the wings of a humming bird – this fantastic pen produces similar iridescent
effects that are nothing short of amazing. It’s a real ‘wow!’ product”.

The Hybrid Dual Metallic writes in different colours on different shades of paper and, when the paper is held to the light or at an angle, a special combination of pigment dye and glitter makes it possible to see two different colours from the same pen. There are eight pens in the range, producing a total of 16 colours: black/metallic red, blue/metallic green, green/metallic blue, orange/metallic yellow, pink/metallic pink, violet/metallic blue, gold/metallic gold and silver/metallic silver.

Stand: M507

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