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iPhone and Android features that will change how you use your phone by Kyle Wilson

Regular software updates from both Apple and Android, mean your handset is constantly getting new features to boost productivity. IOS 15 and Android 12 are the most recent updates, and both have exciting new additions that many users might not know about.

To help you navigate the latest updates, experts at have compiled a list of features that you may be missing out on, to make your life that much easier.


Reduce background noise on Facetime

Often, when making FaceTime calls you can find yourself in public, noisy spaces, such as coffee shops, trains, or offices. With iOS 15 you can now cancel out background noise from all FaceTime calls to ensure your voice is heard clearly. Simply go to the control centre and select ‘Mic Mode’ then select ‘Voice Isolation’ to activate the feature.

Silence unknown numbers

This feature may be a blessing to those who take regular meetings, receive too many spam phone calls or simply don’t like to talk on the phone. In settings, you can now tap ‘Phone’ and turn on ‘Silence Unknown Callers’ to send all phone calls from an unknown number straight to voicemail. 

Group Facetime

Video calling through FaceTime is no longer exclusive to Apple users with this new iOS 15 update. You can now create a unique link once in the FaceTime app to send to friends and family who can join group calls even if they have an Android. And you can now turn portrait mode on whilst in the call by selecting the tile in the upper left corner

Reduce distraction with Focus

If you struggle to stay focused on everyday tasks with constant notifications popping up on your phone, Focus is a handy new feature. It allows you to silence notifications while allowing alerts from specific apps or contacts to continue coming through. You can then personalise this information into specific profiles for work, personal, sleep or driving.

Back Tap

While it has been around slightly longer than iOS 15, it is still unknown to many iPhone users. This feature allows you to set up a shortcut by triggering a task or action when you tap the back of your phone. You can set this up for both a double tap and a triple tap. This can be found in ‘Settings’ then ‘Accessibility’ then ‘Back Tap.’


Quick Tap

Similarly, to that of the iPhone, the new Android 12 update now allows users to set shortcuts via double-tapping the back of the phone. Although it is initially programmed to take a screenshot, you can change it to do other tasks such as launch Google Assistant or open the recent app’s view.

Super Long Screenshot

Now, instead of taking multiple screenshots of long documents while manually scrolling, you can take scrolling screenshots. By pressing the power and volume down keys together and tapping ‘Capture More’ you can drag the corners of the screenshot to choose how much of the page you want to capture.

Facial Controls

One new Android feature has been carefully selected to allow easier use for those with disabilities. You can control certain actions through facial expressions by going to Settings>Accessibility>Switch Access. From here you can assign facial gestures to actions such as pulling down the notification bar.

One Hand Mode

Settings>Systems>Gestures>One Hand Mode moves all the content on your phone to the bottom half of the screen, so you can use it with just one hand, perfect when on the go.

App Search

Operating systems such as Windows have displayed this feature for a few years, and now Android has brought it to mobile handsets. You can return search results from within apps, so if you are looking for something you wrote in your notes app, you can simply search for a word or phrase and get the matching results without scrolling through all your notes.

Kyle Wilson, mobile expert at commented: “Phones play a crucial role in everyone’s daily lives, for both work and personal use. With most people having owned their respective phone brand for many years, it is assumed that they know their way around all the features.

“So, many people may be surprised to find several new tips and tricks that can boost their phone productivity and efficiency, across both Apple and Android. As brands release latest updates, make sure to research any new features that you’ll be able to find on your phone, to ensure you are getting the best use of your device.”

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