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IoT brings business benefits and security risks

The Internet of Things (IoT) is heading for mass adoption, as 85% of businesses plan to implement IoT by 2019, Hewlett Packard Enterprise company Aruba claims in a new report (The Internet of Things: Today and Tomorrow).

Its study shows that 72% of enterprises have already introduced IoT devices into the workplace, with the two most popular applications being remote monitoring, followed by indoor location-based services.

Remote control of building lighting and temperature is a growing use case. Although only one in five enterprises currently sees it as a key application, that number more than doubled to 53% when respondents were asked about future IoT deployments.

More than three quarters (78%) of enterprises say the introduction of IoT in the workplace has improved the effectiveness of their IT team; 75% report that it has increased profitability.

Across all sectors (Enterprise, Industrial, Retail, Healthcare, Government), 32% of deployments have resulted in greater profits and 46% have produced efficiency gains.

The report also highlights a number of factors that are preventing IoT from having a greater impact, including cost of implementation (50%), maintenance (44%) and integration of legacy technology (43%).

Security is another concern, with 84% of organisations claiming to have experienced an IoT-related security breach.

Chris Kozup, vice president of marketing at Aruba, said: “While IoT grows in deployment, scale and complexity, proper security methodologies to protect the network and devices and, more importantly, the data and insights they extract must also keep pace. If businesses do not take immediate steps to gain visibility and profile the IoT activities within their offices, they run the risk of exposure to potentially malicious activities.”

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