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Introducing Logitech Pen

New digital stylus points to the future of learning

Logitech is hoping to boost the learning potential of students and ease of use for teachers with the launch of a Works With Chromebook-certified, rechargeable stylus for touchscreen Chromebooks that support the Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) standard.

Arguably the first Chromebook stylus created for use by students in a school setting (Logitech also offers the Logitech Crayon for iPads), the Logitech Pen boasts a number of features designed to unlock the full potential of Chromebooks in the classroom. These include:

  • a non-slip silicone grip and triangular design sized and weighted for children at all stages of motor development, created with input from ergonomics experts, teachers and students aged 6 to 17 years-old;
  • an active tip with 4,096 levels of pressure-sensitivity that enables students to draw and write more clearly than with a finger or rubber tip stylus. The stylus can also be used as a precise pointing device;
  • USI-compatibility, which removes the need for pairing and enables a student to pick up the stylus and start using it immediately on any USI enabled Chromebook. Teachers benefit from being able to make notes and corrections on students’ screens with their own pen, without having to change settings;
  • a spill-proof design offering military grade drop protection of up to four feet (1.2 metres);
  • easy charging, using the same USB-C charger as the Chromebook, with up to 15 days of battery life under normal school usage and the ability to gain an extra 30 minutes of use from a 30-second quick charge; and
  • a 3-year warranty.

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A useful optional extra is an adhesive pen loop that sticks to the back of the Chromebook screen, so that the stylus can be kept with the device rather than in a pencil case.

At launch, Jackie Young, Chief Marketing Officer, Logitech for Education, pointed out that there are about 40 million Chromebooks currently in use and 15 million new purchases annually – a figure that is growing as more educators understand the impact that adding a stylus for annotation, sketching and note-taking can have on comprehension and retention.

“Attaching a stylus to a Chromebook really gives students more flexibility and choice,” she said. “It allows them to work the way they choose and to switch between different inputs as needed, and it enables them to write much as they would with a regular pen or pencil and paper. They can support everything from taking class notes and brainstorming on projects to homework assignments. One example is maths, where students can show their workings-out in multiple steps. They can also do really complex annotations and equations for STEMrelated projects.”

Young added: “One of the key enablers here is the pen’s high level of accuracy. This really gives students confidence that their writing will be legible for their teachers, who will appreciate being able to read the written work of their students. It also helps enable interaction and collaboration between students and educators and between students and their peers.”

In the UK, the Logitech Pen will have a price tag of £64.99.

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