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Personal and professional


STUDIO by Bene is a contemporary, modular workplace system inspired by the increasingly fluid boundaries between home and work. Developed in collaboration with Austrian product designer Thomas Feitchtner, the range includes desks, shelving and accessories that can be combined and arranged to suit individual needs in the office or at home.

One size fits all

udoq is a universal docking station for mobile devices of every brand and generation. Available in four lengths, from 250mm to 700mm, it enables users to charge multiple devices simultaneously without having to contend with a mess of tangled cables. udoq can be customised to include the user’s choice of cables, such as Lightning, Micro USB, USB-C and 30-Pin.

Portable VPN router


InvizBox Go is a portable VPN router with built-in power bank, WiFi extension and ad blocker that enables travellers to encrypt internet traffc and access blocked content globally. Each InvizBox Go has access to a fast and secure Virtual Private Network (VPN), consisting of over 500 servers in 20 countries, to keep internet traffic safe whilst still allowing access to blocked websites anywhere in the world. It can connect to (and charge) multiple devices and in ‘extender mode’ can strengthen connections in a WiFi weak spot.

Peace and quiet

MindPod from BakkerElkhuizen provides a quiet space in busy workplaces. The mobile solution can be used in a variety of set-ups and is made from safety glass and acoustic panels, which provide peace and quiet even though the MindPod is open and has no doors. It is fitted with LED lighting and a ventilator.

Simple digital signage


Vivitek’s NovoDSmini brings the benefits of indoor digital signage to small companies. It can connect to any HDMI display device and play content including text, audio, photos, videos, webpages, YouTube, Twitter and weather updates. NovoDS Studio playlist editing and device management software allows SMEs to deliver relevant messages over their chosen time-frame without having to update content manually.

Built for business

The Versity enterprise smartphone from Spectralink is designed to support mobile workforces with superior voice quality, broad application integration and durability. The device combines enterprise features with a consumerlike design, providing users with an intuitive communication tool for real-time collaboration. Versity features a 5.2-inch high resolution display, damage resistant Gorilla glass touch screen, Android OS, fngerprint scanner, 13MP camera and a chemical-resistant, IP-68 rated enclosure.

Ultimate shared chair

Shared chair
Shared chair

Herman Miller’s new Cosm seating line, designed by Berlin-based Studio 7.5, adjusts instantly to whoever is sitting in it, making it ideal for shared workspaces. The chair’s Auto-Harmonic Tilt provides balanced support and movement that corresponds to each user’s body, posture and seated position, removing the need for individual adjustments. Cosm comes in a variety of colours and sizes and a choice of three back heights. A stool is also available.

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