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Improve your mental health

Thrive, a software company that develops mobile apps to empower people to manage their mental health independently, has exceeded its fundraising target of £500,000 with the help of investment bank ClearlySo.

Managing mental health
Managing mental health

Led by psychiatrist Dr Andres Fonseca and videogame expert Richard Flower, Thrive uses gamification and augmented reality to deliver proven methods for managing mental health. Thrive says that by doing things digitally, it is able to provide support at a fraction of the cost of traditional, private therapy and reduce users’ worry about stigma or judgement, resulting in improved completion rates.

Thrive currently has three apps for download: Arachnophobia Free; Agoraphobia Free; and Feel Stress Free, for depression and anxiety. The latter is also available on license to businesses looking to improve their employees’ wellbeing.

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