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ihp Analytics Launches Pioneering Digital Tech which Changes the Face of Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace


Developed by disruptive technology company, ihp Analytics, and forged from the world of Formula One and elite sports, My Work-Life Analytics® is a digital platform that’s proved to deliver positive behavioural change within the workplace. This pioneering technology puts employees in control of their wellbeing, giving them the information and tools needed to create the correct work-life balance, and gives businesses the ability to understand their people on a holistic mental, emotional, and physical level. For the first time, HR teams have access to real time data allowing them to make informed decisions on where to invest employer support and HR services, helping reduce absenteeism, presenteeism and improve productivity.

More than half of the populations of middle- and high-income countries are likely to suffer from at least one mental condition during their lifetime. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, some 42% of employees globally have reported a decline in mental health. Symptoms of burnout are increasing among employees and leaders alike. The World Health Organisation estimates that depression, anxiety disorders, and other conditions cost the My Work-Life Analytics® gives employers and HR teams the knowledge and tools to understand when people need tailored support and to make wellbeing a strategic focus for their organisation. global economy $1 trillion per year in lost productivity.

My Work-Life Analytics® consists of three key elements: a wrist worn device, software platform and user-friendly app.

The software platform blends the data collected with key information such as work activity, giving individuals a comprehensive understanding of their current mental and physical wellbeing and highlighting the cause of potential problems such as stress, burnout, depression, and anxiety before becoming detrimental to health. Results are delivered via a user-friendly app.

The unobtrusive wrist worn device measures heart rate variability which responds to stimuli throughout the day and night such as poor sleep, unhealthy diet, work stress/duration, lack of exercise.

Data can be generated for individuals, teams, or holistically across an entire organisation giving HR teams access to accurate and tangible data on staff wellbeing, engagement, productivity, resilience, and team dynamics. A clear and easy to read dashboard allows businesses to truly understand the wellbeing of their workforce allowing them to make informed decisions on where to invest employer support and HR services.

Individual data is only available to the person wearing the device and is anonymised and collated to show managers how the whole organisation or specific teams are coping.

“One of the challenges with human beings is that they are complex – an amalgam of physiological and psychological processes and needs which historically have been at best very hard to or, at worse, impossible to measure and then nurture. My Work-Life
Analytics® measures many biometric, psychological, and contextual variables to calculate truly dynamic measures of individual, group and organisational capacity and resilience,” said ihp Analytics’ founder and CTO, Jon Pitts. “

This revolutionary approach to mental health and wellbeing in the workplace has recently been trialled by global financial services business, PwC Canada, with impressive results.

Euan Cameron, PWC Lead Partner said: “Our recent projects with IHP have helped us to gain a far deeper understanding of the impact of different elements of working life on the wellbeing of our people. The data rich nature of the My Work-Life Analytics platform that combines biometric, cognitive and contextual information to create insights that are just not available with other approaches. The programme has allowed us to understand the particular challenges that different cohorts within the organisation face and improve our overall approach to employee wellbeing in the UK firm. We are currently working with IHP on rolling out an enhanced version of the programme for partners and are looking forward to gaining further valuable insights from this collaboration.”

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