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Hybrid working: How to be productive outside of the office

With the right devices and technology solutions, Jigsaw24 can help you stay productive remotely and in the office with these simple steps..

“Perfecting hybrid working in your organisation will improve staff morale, 
your quality of work and your bottom line.”

Encourage collaboration: Help make teamwork and communication that much simpler, whether by designing virtual meeting spaces or providing equipment.

Modernise your estate:  Solutions give employees faster, more efficient devices better suited to hybrid working for extra power and mobility

Promote productivity: From Apple hardware to Device as a Service, cloud software or support and repairs, can help make your hybrid working experience efficient and effective.

Stay safe and secure:  Hybrid working doesn’t have to be an IT headache – not with secure Apple devices & ingenious mobile device management solutions.

Reinvigorate your spaces: Now’s a great time to review your office locations and optimise them for hybrid working. Jigsaw’s smart workplace and hot desking solutions are ideal.

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