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HR-generation beta takes control

First there was Generation X, then Generation Z, then Millennials. Now, LinkedIn’s B2B Institute is talking about Generation BETA.

A sub-set of Millennials aged 21 to 40, Generation BETA has become the dominant generation in the workplace and is now the largest group of purchasers and decision-makers. According to LinkedIn, around two-thirds are the ultimate decision-maker for their company or the final decision-maker for their department/team when making purchases.

Work in BETA: The Rising B2B Decision Maker characterises BETAs as highly adaptable, passionate and determined tech natives with raised levels of activism. However, BETAs do not have much spare time, with eight in 10 regularly working late or putting in overtime.

The generation with the most emails, meetings and apps, BETAs spend 550 hours more per year on their smartphones than older professionals. Three in four BETAs are constantly connected online; 6 in 10 feel it’s critical to be contactable at all times; and a third worry they spend too much time on their phones.

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