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How to maximise connectivity in your workspace

Not enough connection?

High-performance PC’s and notebooks like the Macbooks and Windows Ultrabook specially boasts high-visual definitions and Gbps transfer speed. However, these devices may not have enough ports to connect all the devices you require at any one time.

Disconnect. Connect.

Have you experienced carrying a laptop or notebook between destinations? The need to disconnect the mouse, the keyboard, the HDMI and VGA cables to the monitors for split screens across the device. Again. We connect the required cables when we reach the destination. Not only does it appear untidy, there may be instances where alternative connectors such as a DisplayPort are required but that particular port isn’t available.

Before you decide to change, upgrade or reinvest due to the specifications, reconsider what other options are available.

Extra Expansion. Solved.

IT connectivity provider Aten recently announced the latest addition to their series of docking stations to market. Known as the USB-C multiport dock – the UH3234 provides a power delivery pass-through of up to 60W with fast-charging capabilities which can connect up to 10 devices through a single USB-C cable, with extra HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, USB3.1 Gen1, SD/MMC/MicroSD memory cards, Ethernet and audio connections. Watch video here.

Flexibility and Style

This 10 port docking station ‘UH3234’ can extend an additional monitor in 4K on a MacBook or Chromebook. It also allows mirroring or can extend two monitors in 1080p on Windows USB-C laptop to improve productivity.

With aluminium casing, this lightweight docking station can be placed directly under a laptop for space saving. Plus a 5 degree angle helps improve air circulation.

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