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How to get the Most Out of a Managed Team by BairesDev

High-Performance Managed Teams

Building a high-performance managed team (or contracting the right managed team) always takes time and full consideration. But equally challenging is getting the most from the team that you select, as well as creating the ideal environment for each member to thrive. Without a well-equipped and inspired team, there is no business.  Top performers will rely on both intellectual stimulation and organizational support to keep them at their best while they work to contribute to high-quality products.

On a similar note, top performers rely on intellectual stimulation and personal motivation to keep them at their best while they utilize their skills to contribute to high-quality products.

Bringing a managed team into a stressful environment can be detrimental to business if you do not put the right strategies into place. Here are four key points to note when creating the perfect team environment that enhances productivity and encourages collaboration.

Lead with Understanding

When teams are not working together to accomplish a shared goal, it is difficult to analyze progress and address critical issues that can negatively impact a project. What happens if a team hits their deadline, but a product is sent to market with a faulty code? Usually, the brand suffers from the loss of users and credibility. This possible scenario does not have to become a reality, and the best preventive measure is developing a leadership style that promotes growth and learning.

As new technologies continue emerging at a rapid pace, the demands of customers keep evolving. Today, customers expect a user experience that meets high standards while allowing for easy operations. A managed team must have a deeper understanding of the connection between team behavior, decision-making during development, and satisfactory user experience.

Promote an Office Culture of Equality

Managed teams deserve recognition, so it is important to drive the point home that the team members are very valuable. Instead of building a culture that focuses solely on encouraging workers to trust and respect one another, strengthen communication by showing teams that management can also be trusted and is readily available for support and addressing concerns.

Invite Input from the Team

Innovative thinking is not the responsibility of one person. Instead, innovation requires teamwork and a group of unique individuals brainstorming and embracing forward-thinking concepts. Give your team members the floor to discuss new ideas and the strategies for transforming those thoughts into actionable plans. Everyone will not always be in agreement as new approaches are introduced to the team, but providing the opportunity for active listening and group discussions often lead to a collaborative and effective outcome.

Encourage a Group Mindset

Is your managed team used to communicating with one another to meet goals or is a self-oriented mindset the norm?

All opinions should be heard, but speaking up is not always easy for team members who are naturally reserved. Before offering the option for your managed teams to set meetings exploring new concepts, take time to know the team. Are they comfortable with one another and expressive in a group setting? If not, ask the managed services provider for tips to remedy the situation or ask the team members individually.

The working environment – whether physical, virtual, or a blend – is key to the team’s success.

The strategies above should be used for creating the perfect environment for managed teams as they are applicable to any team in any department. Managed teams are important within a company because these teams address specific needs by bringing in additional resources and lessening the workload faced by internal staff members. Furthermore, taking on these additional tasks helps a project reach completion in a shorter period of time.

While managed team members are experts in their field, they still require a working environment that will foster creativity and allow them to use their knowledge without unnecessary distractions during development. Once the ideal working environment is established, actionable steps can be set and moved forward to accomplish company goals.

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