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How Cloudbox is helping organisations navigate COVID-19 with free IT for 3 months

The Coronavirus pandemic has put business under enormous financial and organisational strain. Many organisations have been focussing on immediate survival but as lockdowns start to lift, it is clear that there will be no immediate bounce back to a pre-COVID-19 world and key decisions need to be taken to adapt and prosper.

Some of the key questions relating to IT are as follows:

1 How can we improve staff productively, wherever they are working?

2 Can our organisation make do with a smaller office/s, or do we even need an office?

3 How to secure and control company data at a time of unprecedented cyberthreats and with data privacy laws tighter than ever?

4 What services can be outsourced, and can staff costs be reduced whilst improving service quality?

5 What costs can be reduced, and how can changes be made without capital expenditure?

Having the right IT solutions in place can make all the difference. Traditional IT is no longer fit for purpose, and can be unwieldy, capital intensive and can be tied to physical locations with clunky VPNs required for remote working. The pandemic has seen a coming of age for Cloud IT, with an exponential increase in the use of video conferencing and collaboration applications, but many of these services have not been securely implemented and managed, opening up further risk.

Business Info spoke to a leading Cloud IT Provider, Cloudbox, to get their perspective. Cloudbox has been providing Cloud IT solutions since 2011 and is uniquely placed to implement highly secure, productive systems which can reduce costs and transform productivity. Their business has been built on empowering other businesses to grow, and they do this by ensuring IT stays simple, that it complements the business’s strategy and is cost-effective.

Cloudbox offers a complete Cloud IT managed service at a fixed monthly fee, taking the complexity and hassle out of IT and ensuring that all customers benefit from secure, compliant and productive solutions.

Cloudbox provides solutions using Microsoft and leading cloud infrastructure providers. Their clients span a wide variety of industries, including accounting, construction, creatives, finance, law, manufacturing and retail. What unites them all is their appreciation and firm requirement for secure, efficient and easily budgeted IT.

What’s in the box?

CLOUDBOX BUSINESS is a fully comprehensive managed IT package. What do you get? FREE SET-UP & FREE 3 MONTHS RENTAL WITH NO MINIMUM CONTRACT.

Cloudbox UK CEO, Nick Goodenough, had this to say: “We want to help businesses make the change to secure and productive flexible working necessitated by COVID-19. Our solution enables our clients to remove the high capital and variable ongoing costs in running their own IT, and to be able to clearly budget for IT on a per user basis whilst also ensuring the security and compliance of their data.”

Goodenough continues: “COVID-19 is putting unprecedented pressure on businesses to reduce costs and so we are offering a comprehensive IT solution with no set up fees, no rental charges for three months and no contract tie-in. We are not cutting corners to do this – we consistently get client satisfaction scores of 98%+ and are confident that clients will love our service.”

What you get

*Full IT solution encompassing Office 365, file sharing, back-ups, email, multi layer security, proactive maintenance & unlimited support

*Supports fully flexible working – work from home, remotely or the office

*Protection of company data whilst securing PCs, Macs & mobiles from malware & other threats

*Remote monitoring, software updates & reporting

*All-inclusive support including for changes

3months completely free

*Free remote set-up & video led training

*Free Cloudbox Business for 3 months

*3 month contract

*Suitable for all organisations with 5+ users

*Terms & Conditions apply

What you can do

*File sharing & collaboration: securely store and share files with colleagues & external parties

*File & email back-ups: never lose an important email or file

*Email & shared calendaring: secure communication accessible from any device;

*Cybersecurity: never fall victim to hackers with built-in antivirus, email security, website & URL protection

*Office 365 Essentials: work from anywhere using Microsoft Office & collaboration tools

*Unlimited IT Support: no additional charges for full support including changes

*Network Management: all devices stay up to date and are proactively monitored.

Cloudbox also offer specialist Financial IT Solutions together with cybersecurity, telecoms and cloud servers.

To explore whether this option could help your organisation transition to highly secure, productive cloud IT, please contact the Cloudbox team on 020 3761 8081 or

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