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Helsey Farm Cottages case study

Now a year on from when we first felt the grip of COVID-19, travelling abroad is still not an option, but staycations are becoming the sought-after alternative to holidaying. Lincolnshire farm owners, Debbie and Bryan Willson are one such entrepreneurial couple who are diversifying and currently turning their 200 acres into an interpretation centre, stunning holiday lets and a livery.

However, as is the problem with most rurally located properties, their internet connection has always been very unreliable.

“We have continuously had very poor internet connection and yet it’s increasingly becoming more of a lifeline for us. Without it we do struggle to meet our day-to-day needs such as online banking, doing our weekly shopping, Zoom calls and meetings as well as staying in touch with family, friends and our local community. We have felt very cut off.” said Debbie.

Living so remotely, the Willsons have always had to be adept at running their property but when they decided to take on the challenge of creating an education facility alongside their holiday-home rental business, they knew an investment in an excellent-quality broadband service was imperative to running a sustainable and successful venture.

With many of the big-name providers not able to deliver such a service, the Willsons were feeling lost as where to turn next. So, when presented with a broadband solution from Quickline Communications in partnership with Lincolnshire County Council, they had nothing to lose.

“When we were introduced to Quickline and its ability to access properties the bigger internet providers don’t want to touch, we were thrilled. Once it was installed, we instantly had an incredibly efficient connection across the property, its speed and quality are brilliant. We have recommended it to all our neighbours, with the majority of them also having it fitted!”

With the relaxation of lockdown restrictions continuing, the Willsons are looking forward to welcoming organisations and groups to its education centre, which focuses on farming cultures in Lincolnshire to really enhance the ‘countryside’ experience.

Visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about Helsey Farm Cottages’ sustainable farm-to-fork approach, the wellbeing aspects of being immersed in areas of natural beauty and how the immediate and digital community – which includes the likes of the National Farmers Union – provides a support network for rural businesses and landowners to thrive.

With further development to the current holiday accommodation completing this spring, which includes luxury lodges and cottages, as well as the main farmhouse all available for rent to holidaymakers, Quickline broadband has secured a prosperous future for the Willsons in the nick of time.

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