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Data Capture Solutions is the ideal partner to help implement a digitisation strategy

Data Capture Solutions is the ideal partner to help implement a digitisation strategy
Data Capture Solutions is the ideal partner to help implement a digitisation strategy

The key challenges business face today, from raising productivity levels and improving customer service to cutting costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, can all be addressed by optimising document management. The best way to do this is still to replace paper-based processes with digital workflows.

Removing paper from your organisation will help save money on printing, filing and document handling and let you get things done more quickly; eliminate errors associated with manual filing and data entry; save expensive office space; share knowledge more easily; improve customer service; gain visibility and control; enhance compliance – the benefits are endless.

Yet, many businesses are still at the early stages of digitisation and remain hamstrung by their reliance on paper. Often, the larger the business the more wedded to paper it appears to be. Small businesses can install an entry-level system like the Neopost IMW-20 all-in-one document management system and start digitising immediately. Larger organisations with more complex and higher volume requirements, distributed workforces and extensive paper archives need to take a more considered approach.

This is where Neopost company Data Capture Solutions (DCS) can help. A specialist provider of information management software, services and solutions, DCS provides consultancy-based services to more than 400 of Data Capture Solutions is the ideal partner to help implement a digitisation strategy the largest public and private sector organisations, including DEFRA, the MOD, Exxon Mobil, Lufthansa and more than 70 local authorities and healthcare providers. Software supplied by DCS is used by more than 1,000 companies worldwide.

Because DCS is active in all areas of information management, including the supply of software, hosted solutions, consultancy and outsourced services, it can develop bespoke solutions tailored to each customer’s needs. Customers benefit from a single supplier capable of advising on and delivering all aspects of an implementation, from process design to paper shredding.

This versatility and expertise makes DCS the ideal partner for managers unsure where to start in their digitisation strategy and helps explain why customers typically achieve ROI in under a year.

Areas of expertise

What, then, are the services DCS provides? Essentially, it provides solutions in three core areas:

1 Document management software

DCS supplies a broad range of solutions that can be implemented individually or as part of a fully integrated solution. Covering all aspects of information management, from the scanning of printed documents to email archiving, the DCS portfolio includes:

business process management and workflow software for streamlining business processes (FileStore BPM);

document scanning and data capture software for accurate, productive scanning and automatic data capture (Kofax Capture);

document management software for the storage, retrieval and management of electronic documents (FileStore EDM);

hosted, cloud-based document management software with ‘pay as you go’ pricing (FileStore Online);

email archiving to create a searchable record of all emails for improved compliance and reduced load on the email server (MailStore);

enterprise content management for converting corporate information into web pages for public websites, extranets and intranets (FileStore ECM).

The customer experience

Like many local authorities, West Somerset District Council is seeking to reduce its dependence on paper in line with e-Government targets. In developing an appropriate IT strategy, it had to meet the diverse processing and records management requirements of different departments and provide integration across two main sites, with remote access for home-based workers.

DCS analysed the council’s existing processes and designed a customised document management and workflow solution based on FileStore EDM and Kofax scanning software. More than 250,000 existing records were scanned into the FileStore EDM system over a three-week period, alongside the on-going scanning of new documents in the council’s Minehead offices.

The document management system covers all council offices and can be accessed remotely via any internet connection. It has eliminated expensive storage space needed for 3,500 planning files, each with 25-40 pages, and in doing so has created a more attractive working environment; more than 80,000 decision notices and 90,000 land charges documents are now accessible online; and efficiency and productivity have been improved, with revenues officers each saving 1.5 hours of filing time every day.

Kay Hemsley, efficiency officer for West Somerset District Council, said: “FileStore has made life so much easier for everyone – not just council staff but for our customers too. We have rid ourselves of an expensive and time-consuming paper nightmare, are able to employ skilled home workers from as far afield as Devon, and we now respond to customer requests quicker and more efficiently than ever before. Everyone is delighted.”

2 Business process and workflow automation solutions

In addition to the supply of software, DCS can design and implement customised workflows for specific applications within an organisation. Depending on a customer’s needs, these can be on-premise, hosted or outsourced. They include:

digital mailroom for the scanning of incoming mail, data extraction and routing of mail items into electronic workflows;

purchase-to-pay for streamlined invoice processing;

sales order processing, with automatic extraction and validation of data from orders received by web, fax, post and/or email;

HR records management for the scanning and secure storage of employee records;

end-to-end document and records management, from scanning and processing to storage and retrieval;

document process automation to replace slow, inefficient manual processes with automated processes that save time and provide greater visibility and control;

compliance for records management and workflow processes to ISO15489, BIP10008, BASEL II, ANSI, Data Protection Act and other standards.

The customer experience

ARI Fleet UK (formerly Fleet Support Group) provides a range of services to vehicle fleet operators across the UK, including maintenance management, accident management, breakdown recovery and vehicle rental.

The 120,000 invoices it receives each year used to be processed manually, often by staff working at night or over the week-end. This was expensive, time-consuming and there was always the risk of invoices being lost or mis-filed. ARI Fleet UK approached DCS to design a more efficient, centralised process, with invoice tracking, logging and audit trails.

After reviewing existing processes, DCS installed an on-site solution for the scanning, capture, indexing and automatic classification of all incoming invoices and credit notes, fully integrated with the company’s existing ERP and Microsoft SharePoint systems.

Now, invoices are scanned on arrival, with key data such as order number, supplier name and supplier code extracted automatically. Matched invoices are automatically routed through to the ERP system for payment, with unmatched exceptions sent to administrators for validation.

This automated system has saved 9 hours a day, slashed invoice chasing requests by 50%, reduced the incidence of invoice disputes and cut invoice processing costs.

3 Outsourced scanning services

The third aspect of the DCS offering is a range of outsourced document processing services that enable organisations to capture high volumes of paper documents without the need for major upfront investment in their own equipment. The DCS document processing centre has a daily processing capacity of 500,000 pages, is accredited to ISO 9001 quality and ISO 27001 information security standards and follows BS BIP 0008 guidelines for the legal admissibility of scanned documents. Services are used for a variety of purposes including:

digital mailroom services (see above) for all business locations or specific business processes, such as invoice processing, marketing campaigns or forms processing;

archive scanning, with indexing, OCR and storage in a cloud-based repository with remote access by authorised users;

digitisation of specialist media, such as microfilm, microfiches, slides, negatives, x-rays, books and technical drawings;

forms scanning with data extraction and data entry services;

cheque scanning and the return of digitised cheque data for financial records, with the option for cheques to be banked on your behalf;

data conversion of legacy formats into editable files.

The customer experience

ABA Research provides customer satisfaction survey analysis for a leading airline. It receives a steady flow of 10,000 hand-written surveys each month that it would be unproductive for ABA to process itself. Instead, it has engaged DCS to receive the surveys, scan them, extract key information and present the data to ABA in xls and csv files to facilitate immediate analysis.

DCS receives three batches a month, each with 3,500-4,000 surveys, which it turns around in four working days. So far, DCS has processed more than half a million survey forms.

Tom Berry, research manager for ABA Research, said: “Dealing with large numbers of surveys in paper format is not a typical activity for ABA, so we don’t have the resource for high volume scanning. For this unique and ongoing requirement it makes much more sense to send them instead to DCS for processing. From DCS we receive back a regular and reliable flow of new data to analyse for our client, and in the process save an inestimable amount of staff time and cost.”

Digitisation can be daunting. Continued reliance on paper and the critical nature of document processing are not always a spur to action; sometimes the scale of the paper problem prevents organisations from taking the necessary action. With DCS as your guide, you can face your digital future with confidence.

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