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HelloFresh UK unveils new retail media platform to manage brand partnerships

HelloFresh UK is taking their retail media bookings, management, and reporting processes online, unlocking their potential for scalability and exponential growth of their already popular in-box sampling, insert and online marketing partnerships.

HelloFresh is the UK’s leading recipe box delivery service. The company achieved record results in 2020, with a 140% increase in sales compared to the previous year, eclipsing £255 million in transactions. This growth continued throughout 2021, as enterprise revenue rose by 116% to €1.44 billion across the first quarter. Globally, the meal kit services market is valued at USD 10.26 billion and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 13% through 2028.

Meanwhile, the retail media market is transforming. Changing consumer behaviours, diminishing attention spans and limited top-tier media positions mean that marketers are forgoing traditional practices to allocate budgets to new and emerging retail media and partnership channels, like those offered by HelloFresh. Research from Forrester estimates that brands spent at least $5 billion advertising through enterprise retail media networks in 2020.

There has never been a better time for HelloFresh to capitalise on their in-box sampling and insert opportunities. However, until now, reliance on offline processes has hampered the company’s ability to realise this potential. In an exciting new partnership with Brandcrush, HelloFresh is taking their media management, booking and reporting processes online via a seamless, end-to-end digital platform.

“Brandcrush has completely reshaped how we manage partnerships. What used to be an arduous offline process is now online, quick and simple. The ability to automate bookings and systemise workflows has had a material impact on our scalability,” says Megan Durrant, Commercial Partnerships, HelloFresh United Kingdom.

“Brands can now view our inventory and book our media on a self-serve basis. This convenience was previously a pipe dream.”

Brandcrush CEO and Co-Founder Teresa Aprile says they are excited to work with HelloFresh to transform their retail media system and give brands self-serve booking solutions.

“We know that making retail media easy to find and book is key with more than three-quarters of b2b buyers now expecting self-serve tools”, she says.

“Our technology is taking HelloFresh’s retail media online and making it seamlessly scalable. Where they used to rely on manual outreach, presentations, numerous phone calls and emails, and off-system tracking, these in-box campaigns can now be booked in minutes.”

Businesses looking to monetise their owned media and brands and agencies looking for high engagement media can do so at

About HelloFresh UK

HelloFresh is the UK’s leading recipe box delivery service, helping consumers cook homemade, healthy meals with no preparation, shopping or hassle, using fresh, sustainably-sourced ingredients, produced, packed and delivered directly to their doorsteps.

HelloFresh — changing the way people eat forever.

About Brandcrush

Brandcrush is an end-to-end retail media and partnerships platform, powering businesses around the world — from retailers, shopping centres and gym chains to rideshare operators and universities — to monetise and maximise their media revenue potential.

Businesses including HelloFresh, Blooms the Chemist, QIC and Marley Spoon are part of the 1000 strong partner network offering the world’s leading brands and agencies access to unique and authentic activations to reach new audiences on-premise, in-home and online.


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