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Gotta Scoot to the Workplace: Sharp Consumer Electronics is bringing out a range of e-scooters…..

…..and an accompanying app, Sharp Life, that lets users keep track of battery levels and distances travelled, lock/unlock scooters remotely and control headlights, gear settings and other functions.

Both the EM-KS1 and the EM-KS2 incorporate a folding function and hanger that enables them to be easily carried and stowed away when not in use, as well as a USB charging port built into the handlebars for powering/charging a smartphone. The EM-KS1 (£399.99) and EM-KS2 (£549.99) have top speeds of 25 km/h and 35 km/h respectively and a maximum load of around 120 kg, compared to the industry standard of 100 kg.

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