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Glide Monitor Arm

A unique range, stylish finish and innovative design… ABL’s Glide Monitor Arm is now available.

ABL Glide Monitor Arm

The wellbeing of employees in the office space is becoming more vital, and the number one cause of lower neck pain is due to incorrect monitor positioning. ABL is excited to launch the newest, innovative Monitor Arm which holds the solution to this issue.

The Glide dynamic arm solution offers a full range of adjustability allowing the user to position their screen at the correct eye level which in return helps reduce strain on their neck and back.

The Glide Monitor arm is available in 5 energetic colours including white, white/silver, black, black with blue inserts and finally black with green inserts. The design allows the end user to mount the arm onto their desk effortlessly, thereby freeing up more space. Not only can the arm hold between 1.8kg and 9kg but it can also be positioned in a variety of different heights between 170mm and 430mm.

In addition to the single Glide arms which are now available and in stock, there is also a tool rail arm available and in stock. To compliment and finalise the range, there will be a dual monitor arm and accessories including a USB charging hub, tablet and laptop holder which will be available from late spring 2017.

If you would like to hear more about ABL’s new range or have any questions, contact their sales team on 01933 400 080 or visit

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