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Getting the Most out of 5G By Michal Gadaj, EMEA FAE Section Manager at Quectel

Advertisements are discussing it, technologists and carriers are excited about it, but the adoption of 5G technology is still in its earlier stages, with much of the growth still to come in the next few years benefitting telecom companies and their customers alike. But the providers that will benefit the most are those who optimise the capabilities of the existing telecom infrastructure so that they don’t overspend on network buildouts that could take a few years or longer to provide a positive return on investment.

The demand for the benefits of 5G technology are certainly there. According to the J.P. Morgan report, The Future of 5G Adoption, the technology is expected to exceed $180 billion by the end of the decade.

The key for carriers will be the willingness of consumers to pay for the faster speeds 5G enables, and the recognition of enterprises of the advantages 5G can provide them, including augmented realty (AR) technology for manufacturers, patient monitoring for health care concerns and connectivity applications for solar technology and wind farms.

Optimising VoLTE

By using the following techniques, telecom companies can derive the largest benefits from VoLTE:

Robust header compression (ROHC): This algorithm used to compress IP headers of primarily radio bearers carrying VoLTE calls. IPv4 and IPv6 protocol headers are relative to the voice payload and ROHC typically is expected to compress IP/UDP/RTP headers to about 4-6 bytes, increasing coverage and capacity for VoIP with lower block error rate (BLER).

TTI bundling: This technique enables the user to minimise problems of limited equipment power and bad radio conditions, often experienced at the edge of the cell. These factors can cause packet retransmissions which increases delay and overheads. TTI bundling is a transmission mode designed to improve uplink coverage in LTE, enhancing VoLTE services.

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