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Don’t forget your employees this Christmas, says PC World Business

Christmas might be months away but retailers are already offering their predictions for the top gifts of 2016, including Currys PC World, whose Christmas in July event offered a sneak preview of this year’s must have gizmos, from laptops, wearables and e-readers to blenders, kettles and fridges.

Christmas tree made of screens

According to PC World Business, Currys PC World’s business channel, tech products don’t just make great gifts for your nearest and dearest; they are also an effective way to reward staff for the hard work they have put in over the previous 12 months and to say thank you to key partners and customers.

Simon Moyle, head of business solutions for PC World Business, told Business Info that more and more businesses are choosing to give tech products as corporate gifts.

“It’s getting bigger every year, I think because employers are more aware that if you give money or a bottle of wine or chocolates it just disappears; no-one remembers it. Giving something to somebody that they can have fun with and interact with, like a Polaroid Cube+ action camera, has a longer-lasting impact. Every time you pick up that camera, you remember,” he said.

Personal touch

To help customers choose wisely, Currys PC World has produced a gift guide with recommendations for different personality types and price points.

PC World Business does sell gift cards, but Moyle says picking out a personal gift for each recipient shows more thought. If you can’t decide what to give, he suggests taking a leaf out of Sky’s book and providing a selection of products for employees to choose from.

Simon Moyle, head of business solutions, PC World Business
Simon Moyle, head of business solutions, PC World Business

“We’ve managed Sky’s rewards programme for the last few years. We put together a package of different products – small kitchen appliances, fitness products, tech products, whatever – and employees get to choose from that selection. It’s not prescriptive, it’s not one item, and it keeps the cost down for the client as they don’t have to buy stock and sit on it,” he said.

Key strengths

This approach also plays to Currys PC World’s key strengths – the breadth and variety of its product range and its logistics expertise.

Moyle points out that unlike some providers, Currys PC World has the resources and network in place for home delivery, high volume orders and a fast turnaround time. “What we have found is that a lot of businesses buy a product and then have to get it to the end user themselves. But we can do all of that really easily and fairly cheaply as well. Even if they can get the product for the same price elsewhere, getting it to an end user will be substantially cheaper if they do it through us.”

Another attraction of using PC World, says Commercial Manager Simon Willies, is the quality of its customer service.

“There are distributors that we compete against, but a distributor is only good at getting a box from A to B. They can’t manage all the customer service elements and all the interaction with the customer that comes with that. As a retailer we are used to dealing with the end customer; it’s a big part of what we do,” he said.

Polaroid Cube

It may feel too early to think about Christmas, but Moyle says now is the perfect time to start working out reward budgets and gift ideas. “A lot of SMEs will leave it to the last minute – they’ll start receiving gifts and suddenly think ‘I’d better give them’. But, really, the earlier you get started the better.”

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