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Get creative with STABILO®

Whether it’s writing notes, drawing a mind map or highlighting key information, the right stationery can make a big difference to your creative process

Being creative
Being creative

The creative visualisation of content, or so called ‘sketchnotes’, which combine writing and drawings, can help you remember information more easily. And even simply doodling is thought to help you absorb and retain more information.

High-quality stationery is essential for a clear mind and the free flow of ideas. Pick a pen that skips or smudges and you might lose your train of thought or render your hard work messy and illegible.

Here are four products from STABILO to help your creativity flow.

Extra comfort

Stabilo Sensor
Stabilo Sensor


If you spend a lot of your work day writing, then the STABILO SENSOR is the pen for you.

The spring-loaded fineliner uses micro cushioning to withstand writing pressure, providing excellent writing comfort so you can write the day away without cramps or tiredness.

The cushioning and metal-encased tip offer added durability and prevent the pen tip from bending and breaking.

The STABILO SENSOR comes in 8 vibrant colours and has a line width of 0.3mm for control and precision. The fine tip also makes the pen well suited to use with a ruler.

Clear lines

STABILO pointMax

Stabilo pens
Stabilo pens

The STABILO pointMax is a medium tipped nylon felt tip pen ideal for writing or colouring.

Its robust and durable nylon tip produces a line width of 0.8mm for bold, crisp and clear lines – great for adding emphasis to important parts of a document.

Fast drying water-based ink prevents bleed-through on paper and smudging by left-handers. Even so, you can still leave the cap off for an impressive 24 hours before the ink dries out.

The STABILO pointMax comes in a selection of 24 bright colours, so whether you’re writing a formal letter, taking notes or sketching, there’s a rich and vibrant palette to choose from.

The iconic marker

Stabilo original
Stabilo original


The STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL, with its unique and distinctive wedge shape, has been an iconic highlighter since 1971 and is Europe’s number one highlighter.

STABILO Anti-Dry Out technology ensures that should you forget to replace the cap the highlighter will be fine for 4 hours. It will even regenerate once the cap is put back on.

With line widths of 2mm and 5mm, the wedged tip is perfect for a range of tasks, from highlighting blocks of text to underlining.

The highlighter’s super-fluorescence ink is available in nine colours. Once the ink runs out, there’s no need to throw the highlighter away as it’s refillable, saving money and reducing waste.

On trend



STABILO has embraced the pastel trend, introducing six soft pastel tones to its number one BOSS highlighter range. With the addition of pretty pastels, the STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL now comes in a choice of 15 colours, offering something for everyone.

Ideal for the style-conscious office worker, STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL pastel offers a subtle alternative to the classic fluorescent highlighter. The stylish colours include milky yellow, creamy peach, hint of mint, pink blush, lilac haze and touch of turquoise.

The pastel highlighter features the same chiselled tip and 4-hour cap-off time as the STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL, making it a practical companion for the office desk.

Its water-based ink with patented Anti-Smudge Ink Technology prevents smudging when highlighting inkjet printouts and hand-written notes.

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