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Frucom dicovers Ricoh

Frucom is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of exotic frozen produce. It has more than 120 corporate clients around the world and in its 16-year history has shipped more than 7,000 tonnes of product.

The SP 3500SF is the perfect fit for small businesses and home offices.
The SP 3500SF is the perfect fit for small businesses and home offices.

The company prides itself on quality and customer service and strives for excellence in every aspect of its business, from ensuring that produce is delivered in spec and on time to the professionalism of its customer communications.

Like many modern businesses, Frucom is a dispersed organisation with employees working from a number of sites, including home offices. Most of its processes and communications are now electronic. However, as managing director Nick Daly explains, print still has its place.

“Digital is the default at Frucom, but there are still occasions when we need to print, sometimes out of necessity but more often out of preference. I mainly print sales ledger day-books and detailed commodity specification sheets, as I find the printed page helps me understand complex material. And, of course, it’s great for highlighting and scribbling in the margins,” he said.

When the time came to upgrade the printer in his home office, Nick considered a number of options including, for the first time, a Ricoh device.

“I was aware of the Ricoh name from the Ricoh Arena and from advertising for its copiers, but I only recently discovered that they also make desktop models. After making a few enquiries, I was recommended a Ricoh SP 3500SF black and white MFP. This is perfect for my needs. Mono output is fine for the types of document I print and how I use them – i.e. for reading and working on rather than sharing with clients – and it lets me print without worrying about the cost.”

Combining a small footprint with a solid build and business-class productivity features, like an automatic document feeder, colour scanner and generous toner capacity, the SP 3500SF is the perfect fit for small businesses and home offices.

It is still early days, but Nick says he is delighted with his choice. “This is much more of a business machine than my previous MFP and has relieved a lot of the frustrations I experienced before: the paper tray is bigger so I don’t have to keep refilling it; I won’t have to change the toner so often; and the automatic document feeder saves me a lot of time when scanning and copying.”

He added: “Prints and copies are very clean and crisp and I haven’t had a single paper jam. It feels like a really solid, well-built piece of kit, yet is still very compact and easy to use. It’s a big improvement on what I’m used to.”

Now that Nick has discovered Ricoh, would be recommend its products to others? “Yes, definitely,” he said. “This is the first Ricoh product I have used, but I’m sure it won’t be the last.”

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