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Free parking scheme pilot

Sunderland is trialling a new parking app designed to generate custom for local businesses. ParkingPerx, developed by ProxiSmart, lets users earn rewards from participating retailers, which they can then use to pay car parking charges.

Pay for extra parking without returning to the car
Pay for extra parking without returning to the car

Key features include one-touch parking; the ability to pay for extra parking without having to return to one’s car; and the use of Smart Beacon technology to send messages to users when they park and shop.

ProxiSmart boss Chris Reed said: “Each retailer decides on what their offer or discount is going to be, so the benefits will vary from shop to shop. The shopper simply presents their phone at the till to claim their reward, just like existing contactless payments systems. The solution then awards the user their ParkingPerx, which they can use as a credit to pay for their parking fees.”

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