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Free cyber security training

To help consumers and business people protect themselves online, Varonis Systems has developed a free cyber security video training course, Internet Security Basics, 5 Lessons for Protecting Yourself Online.

Created in conjunction with security expert Troy Hunt, the online course is divided into bite-sized modules that take just a few minutes to watch. These include: Practising better password hygiene; Identifying website trustworthiness and phishing; Understanding the importance of software maintenance; Establishing mobile device and app security; and Minimising the risks of household and corporate IoT.

David Gibson, VP of Strategy and Market Development at Varonis, said: “We wanted to create a resource that both consumers and business people can use for online safety awareness and best practice tips to mitigate risks in their online environments. According to a recent Ponemon study, IT security practitioners say insider negligence is more than twice as likely to cause a compromise than any other culprit. By increasing awareness, we hope more consumers and employees will take preventive measures with their online security.”

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