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Frama counters rising ink costs with free ink bundle

The price of printer ink has been climbing steadily for many years and is now a real cause for concern for consumers and businesses alike. Unfortunately, this trend looks set to continue. 31-Free-ink-initiative-(BLUE)

The increasing price of raw materials means there will be price hikes for inks and consumables for the foreseeable future. In addition, ever stricter enforcement of environmental rules in China and India will drive prices up further.

Luxury Pricing
Printer ink is already measurefor-measure more expensive than Champagne, Chanel No.5 perfume and even crude oil! In the consumer market, it is often cheaper to buy a new printer with ink included than it is to buy a refill for the very same printer!

A key component of franking machines is the printing function and, just like a standard printer, this requires an ink cartridge. Even with conservative use, ink costs can run to hundreds of pounds per year.

The solution!

Every Frama franking machine lease rental agreement will now be available with a FREE ink option.
Every Frama franking machine lease rental agreement will now be available with a FREE ink option.

In response to year-on-year increases in ink pricing, Frama is proud to introduce the Frama FREE Ink initiative!

Every Frama franking machine lease rental agreement will now be available with a FREE ink option. Our highly skilled team of account managers will assess your current usage and provide a pre determined number of cartridges with each machine.

The SMARTER Choice!
Frama is the fastest growing Royal Mailapproved franking machine manufacturer and service provider in the UK.

A subsidiary of parent company Frama AG, it draws upon 40 years of industry experience. Customers have access to an extensive range of Swiss manufactured products, produced to exacting quality standards, plus a UK based team of highly trained customer service professionals committed to delivering the Frama CareS customer service promise.

The current range of Matrix machines has won a Business InfoEditor’s Choice award, reflecting Frama’s position as a high quality, innovative mailroom solutions provider.

Additional savings
Since 2009, stamp prices have increased by 59% for 1st Class and a staggering 77% for 2nd Class mail.

By switching from stamps to franking, you can save up to 20% on a 1st Class letter, 18% on a 2nd Class parcel and a massive 30% on a 2nd Class letter. Who wouldn’t want to save over a third on their postage costs?

Are you already a franking machine user? No problem! Using a Mailmark franking machine increases this saving by an additional 1p for 1st Class or 2p for 2nd class.

With Mailmark, businesses also benefit from a more professional image, guaranteed accurate postage calculation and simple tariff updates via LAN download, thus avoiding incorrect pricing.Don’t let rising ink prices eat away at your profits, sign up with Frama and start saving on spiralling ink costs today!

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