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For brilliant results on glassboards- easily dry-wipeable

Glassboards are becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason too. Their modern, stylish design is enough to transform any office, conference room, reception area or home.

The edding Glassboard 90 marker
The edding Glassboard 90 marker

Even in an era of smartphones, offices and few families can manage without a memo board. But forget the old-fashioned cork and chalk boards. Glassboards are contemporary and sophisticated and make a truly eye-catching feature. Have a colour scheme in your office or home? Glassboards are available in a range of colours. It couldn’t be easier to co-ordinate them with your interior décor.

edding have specialised in writing and marking equipment for over 50 years. They are committed to providing the best quality product for every surface. That’s why they have produced the edding 90 glassboard marker, specifically designed for glassboards. It can be applied to glass writing boards, magnetic glassboards and even the glass splashboards in your kitchen. Unlike whiteboard pens, the edding 90 glassboard marker boasts vivid colours that will not fade on glossy surfaces. The marker has a pump mechanism, which keeps the vibrant ink flowing and means that it will not dry out or clog up.

The odourless ink is dry-wipeable, meaning that there’s no need for water or detergent. The ink is removed with a single wipe, without leaving any residue. Even after several weeks. So whether you write notes on a glassboard regularly, or every few months, the edding 90 glassboard marker is the perfect tool for you!

The edding 90 glassboard marker is available in a range of six opaque colours: black, white, yellow, light blue, light green and violet. There are two handy sets to choose from, each containing five different colours, as well as a box of 10 assorted, black or white. But if you only require a single marker, these are available in blister packs of black or white.

Bring your glassboard back to life and make a statement with the edding 90 glassboard marker.

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