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Flexibility and choice

Business Info asks Sennheiser Communications Director of Product Management Brian Brorsbøl what he likes most about the MB 660

Brian Brorsbol Director of Product Management, Sennheiser Communications
Brian Brorsbol Director of Product Management, Sennheiser Communications

Business Info (BI): You have crammed a lot of technology into the MB 660. In your view, what is the one feature that really stands out?

Brian Brorsbol (BB): For me, it’s the MB 660’s adaptability. This increases user comfort, which is really important for people in business – if you are going to be wearing a headset for a long time you need it to be comfortable.

The three main elements of the Sennheiser experience are leading sound quality – for communication in both directions and for listening to music; the user focus, which is where adaptability and flexibility come in; and design quality. Achieving the right mix of these qualities is what gives you the Sennheiser experience.

Adaptive ANC brings a new dimension to the user experience. Some people can get a little dizzy with ANC – they appreciate its benefits but might not want it on all the time. The ability to adjust the noise level at which you want ANC to kick in gives real flexibility and lets the MB 660 accommodate users’ different preferences and different needs in a really flexible way.

BI: Do you think ‘cans’ are an appropriate feature for an office headset?

BB: The younger generation coming into the workplace is technology-driven and expects to use these kinds of device at work. Ultimately, the design of any product has to meet the expectations of the user. There is also the question of video collaboration; people don’t want solutions that make them look silly; they want to look good. So it is important for us to have these kinds of versatile, stylish options in our CC&O (Contact Centre & Office) portfolio.

Organisations today have different user types with different needs, which is why we have a full line-up of products. They will not choose one or two models of headset; they will choose a whole range to suit different user profiles. It is really important for customers to find out what their needs are and we will help them do this. It’s not just about selling headsets; it’s about selling the right headset to the right person, so that everyone in the organisation gets that Sennheiser experience.

BI: Do you think employers will want to spend £400 or so on what will be perceived as an entertainment solution?

BB: Unified communications are being deployed in more and more organisations, from large enterprises to SMEs. If they can choose a product that meets user needs in their entirety, so they don’t have to buy one headset for music and another for communication, so much the better.

If your employees complain about noise, about getting interrupted, about finding it hard to concentrate, consider what you pay them and compare that to the cost of an MB 660. I don’t believe this device, which addresses so many of the challenges of work today, is an expensive solution. I believe it is very good value for the flexibility it offers.

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