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Five reasons your business needs RMail

Five reasons your business needs RMail

You may not be aware, using a standard email platform means that your digital communications will not provide you with the degree of security and compliance required for new data protection legislation (GDPR 2018).

The RMail platform provides you with a unique, secure and compliant email solution that is easy-to-use for both sender and recipient.

Here are the top five reasons to choose the RMail solution;

1. Unique Registered Receipt – A certified, tamper-proof receipt containing all information about what was sent, when and to whom providing legally verifiable proof of delivery and content. All content is digitally sealed upon sending.

2. Stay compliant – End-to-end email encryption that is auditable and legally verifiable. This feature will ensure that your business is compliant under GDPR 2018 legislation when sending sensitive/personal data via email.

3. Send to anyone
– Ease of use for recipient, with no account or software required to open and/or reply within the encrypted environment.

4. Protecting your data – Unlike other email platforms, RMail does not store any of your information in the cloud.

5. Additional features as standard – As well as Registered Receipt and encryption, RMail also provides e-signature tools, the ability to send large files up to 1GB in size and anti-fraud detection to combat phishing and whaling attacks. 

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