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Facilities management: Cleaner Offices

As businesses prepare to open up their offices once again, FM benchmarking service Sitemark has launched a new workplace hygiene programme to combat COVID-19. Unlike traditional cleaning specifications that focus almost entirely on visual standards of cleanliness, the COVID-19 Workplace Hygiene Programme is designed to identify and highlight parts of a building where the risk of contamination is high, including common areas, door handles, lifts and stairwells, and to introduce an appropriate cleaning schedule.

The programme is based on the use of ‘High Intensity Touch Point’ indicators in high-risk areas to remind people to wash their hands and to prompt cleaners to implement a deep clean.

The programme has three stages – categorisation of different areas in a building; determining the cleaning frequency of ‘Touch Point’ areas; and displaying Touch Point indicators where appropriate. It can be implemented with or without auditing and certification by Sitemark, which provides a full set of tools, from workplace risk assessment tools and hygiene cleaning specifications to wall-mounted guides and High intensity ‘Touch Point’ indicators.

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