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Extra-tough bin bags for the office

Visqueen Ultimate is a new range of extra-tough bin bags perfect for office environments where superior durability is essential.


Manufactured in the UK by BPI Recycled Products, Visqueen Ultimate bin liners are the UK’s toughest as they are made with cutting edge polymers which deliver exceptionally high tear and puncture resistance. They are multi-layered for superb resilience, which means they won’t let busy office cleaners down.

Visqueen Ultimate bin bags are available in drawstring and tie top formats in a range of sizes from 30 to 120 litres. They are perfect for lining bins in office kitchens and rest-rooms, which are likely to be filled to bursting on a daily basis and need to be strong enough to withstand the pressure they’re put under when they’re emptied. The new bin liners are also ideal for emptying individual wastepaper baskets quickly and efficiently with no risk that the bag will tear and spill its contents.

Lorcan Mekitarian, Commercial Director at BPI Recycled Products said: “Office cleaners need bin bags that are tough enough to withstand the demands placed on them every day. As the UK’s toughest bin liners, Visqueen Ultimate bin bags are the perfect solution.”

The strength of Visqueen Ultimate bin bags has been thoroughly tested by market researchers, with overwhelmingly positive results. In one survey, 250 users of the Mumsnet website were asked to try the bags at home. Later, 96% of them said they were ‘satisfied’ with their performance and nearly 75% said they were ‘very satisfied’. Further, 95% said they’d buy the bags again and 94% would recommend them to a friend. Finally, 94% of the Mumsnetters who tested Visqueen Ultimate said they believed they were stronger than the typical bin liners they currently purchased.

Such good satisfaction levels mean that Visqueen Ultimate bin bags have qualified for the ‘Mumsnet Rated’ accolade, a highly sought-after award given only to products that are approved by at least 75% of Mumsnetters.

Mekitarian added: “Our research shows that Visqueen Ultimate bin liners are a success with almost everybody that tries them. Whether used in the office or in the home, these first-class liners are an essential choice for anyone who needs bin bags that won’t disappoint.

The bags are now available in the UK. For more information, please visit or contact us at

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