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Extra-thick filing solution from King Jim

King Jim is a Japanese company and stationery brand which has the largest market share of pipe files in Japan*.

‘King File’ is used as a standard file at offices in Japan by many companies and government agencies. Among them, the ‘King File Super Dotch’ has been popular among many users as a file with a binding system which opens and closes from either side and allows you to easily insert and remove documents.

With the ‘Extra-thick’ version you can store enormous amount of documents with binding in a choice of thickness (10 cm, 13 cm or 15 cm). In addition to storing documents, you can also use these thick files as sample book files for product samples. It also has a folding handle on the back cover which facilitates taking it out from the desk drawer/cabinet.

  • Large storage capacity suitable not only for documents, but also for filing of thick booklets
  • Ideal for displaying product samples such as cloth
  • Since the handle can be folded, it will not be obstructive when stored
  • Heavy files can be taken out from desk drawers with ease
  • Since it can be opened and closed from either side, it is easy to insert and remove documents

All products above are available at JP BOOKS, Japanese book and stationery shop in Piccadilly Circus.

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* in-company research

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