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Ergonomics – Employers must pay more attention to Ergonomics and Wellbeing

Flexible working provision (or the lack of it) is not the only deal-breaker for prospective recruits. In a survey by Ergotron, 73% of UK workers (and all those aged 18-24) said the provision of ergonomic work conditions and support for wellbeing would have more influence on their choice of employer in the future. 

Currently, only one third (36%) have a line manager who regularly enquires about their health and wellbeing. 

The survey also highlights shortcomings in the provision of technology for hybrid and home-workers. For example, having two screens is seen as ‘very important’ by 47% of respondents, yet only 28% have even one large monitor. 

Other requirements include: 

  • laptops (cited as important by 89% of respondents);
  • portable devices, with 77% of all respondents saying it is important to be able to bring their IT devices with them when working in different rooms;
  • an ergonomic chair (cited as important by 75%); and
  • sit-stand working, with 52% of respondents considering it important to be able to switch between sitting and standing while working.

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