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Indifference and a lack of concern on the part of employers are forcing office workers to spend their own money to counter a variety of work-related aches and pains, claims workplace solutions specialist Fellowes.

In a recent survey of 1,000 UK office workers, 80% of respondents said they had had to dip into their own pockets to make their working conditions more comfortable, with one in five spending more than £75 on improvements. Common solutions include cushions for office chairs, objects to raise laptops and screens to the right height and the use of storage boxes as footrests. In addition to these makeshift remedies, 60% have spent money on specialist ergonomic equipment, including back supports, wrist rests and laptop risers. Three quarters of those surveyed experience pain at work, including backache (cited by 32%), headaches (23%), neck pain (20%), eyestrain (18%) and sore wrists (17%). Two thirds (67%) say their employer doesn’t care about their long-term health and wellbeing.