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Employees waste one day every week working with outdated processes

Employees waste one day every week working with outdated processes

Inefficient document processes in European organisations are damaging productivity and leading to lost business, warns Adobe in a new report, Document Drain: How Back-Office Processes are Shredding Productivity.

Its survey of 7,000 professionals across Europe found that office workers are spending as much as one day a week (6.8 hours) on administration, such as filling out forms, printing documents and chasing signatures.

Almost half of European employees (48%) say that they have lost a contract due to poorly executed office tasks and one in three (33%) has had to cancel a project for the same reason. Complex and time-consuming administrative processes also add to employees’ workloads, with 64% working late to catch up on work and 49% working over the weekend.

Almost half of respondents blame inefficient technology for office workflow problems. Printing and emailing are cited as the biggest time-wasters by 96% of respondents, with 75% describing email/print processes as boring, time-consuming or challenging.

Other administrative processes that come in for criticism include searching for lost documents, on-boarding new colleagues and chasing people for signatures. These were thought to be ‘unnecessarily complex’ by 65%, 62% and 61% of respondents respectively.

European employees see a solution to many of these problems in modern technology, including e-signatures, viewed as a valuable time-saver by 74% of respondents, and mobile apps, which almost half believe have the capacity to transform work?ow in European offices.

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