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Employees too trusting of email

Employees in major UK businesses are leaving themselves vulnerable to the most common form of cyber-attack, warns cyber security firm Glasswall Solutions.

Its research shows that office workers in mid-to-large UK businesses are too trusting of email attachments, with 58% regularly opening attachments from unknown senders despite the risk of malicious exploits hidden inside common file-types.

Greg Sim
Greg Sim

More than four out of five (83%) say they always open attachments that appear to be from a known contact, even though hackers increasingly disguise malicious emails to look as if they have come from someone the recipient knows.

One third (34%) of UK office workers say their business has been victim of a cyber-attack; 76% have received email attachments that were suspicious.

Greg Sim, CEO of Glasswall Solutions, says the vulnerability of email highlights the need for new forms of protection. “Conventional anti-virus and sandboxing solutions are no longer effective and relying on the vigilance of employees clearly leaves a business open to devastating cyber-attacks,” he said.