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Easy listening

Audio technology brand IRIS is promising more engaging and productive conversations and meetings with the launch of new voice isolation technology that removes background noise and interference from both sides of a call.

Clarity by IRIS enhances audio streams in real-time and dramatically increases sound quality through patented algorithms that use a combination of advanced psychoacoustics, machine learning and AI.

The desktop download works with more than 800 VoIP platforms, including Zoom, Teams and WhatsApp, and is available for £7.99 per user, per month, with discounts available for annual licences and the option of bespoke quotes for enterprises.

Jacobi Anstruther, Founder & CEO of IRIS, said: “IRIS CLARITY came about because of a conversation with the Red Bull F1 team. I couldn’t get my head around why in a hotbed of innovation like Formula 1 they are still using a board to communicate with the drivers. The simple answer is because of the lack of confidence in communications due to background noise, the static, the car engines, the clanking of machinery. We challenged our engineers and developers here at IRIS to see if they could solve that problem and the results have been phenomenal! As we moved into the pandemic, it became more apparent that there was a whole world out there where everyone was experiencing this problem, so we started developing and training the AI for more real-life sound distractions.”

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