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Digital Workflows

CLA ON THE BUTTON As part of its digital transformation strategy, the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) is replacing an inefficient, paper-based system for logging details about copyright-protected material scanned or copied by staff in the education sector with a new digital process.

A CLA Copy Button added to the PaperCut MF print management solution widely deployed in schools, colleges and universities across the UK is expected to increase the volume and quality of data collected, leading to more accurate and faster royalty payments to content creators, while also saving time for school staff and CLA administrators.

Each time a school staff member makes a copy or scans using a Multifunction Device (MFD) with PaperCut MF, they select the CLA Copy Button, scan the document and enter the number of people the copy is for. This information is sent securely and in real-time to the CLA.

Previously, they would have had to complete a data label with information on the source material, including its International Standard Book Number, the number of pages used and whether they were copied or scanned, before placing the form in a box next to the MFD. This would periodically be emptied by CLA staff who would post the paperwork to the CLA office for processing.

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