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Collaborative system

Atlas Office Landscape by Herman Miller combines height-adjustability and collaborative working in one solution. Thanks to its no-beam design, the versatile system can be configured to fit different spaces and needs, supporting focused activity or impromptu meetings. Screens, shared cable management, personal storage and meeting tables can all be integrated into the workspace.

Adaptable design

Modular desking system that gives you alternative's
Modular desking system that gives you alternative’s

Steelcase’s Bivi is a modular desking system that supports a variety of postures, allowing users to alternate between sitting, standing and lounging. It promotes movement in the workplace through a reconfigurable design and variety of accessories. These include built-in sofas, storage, privacy screens and arches that support canopies, mountain bikes and skateboards.

Move more
Also from Herman Miller, the Ratio height-adjustable desk is designed to encourage users to vary their posture throughout the day. With its clean lines and lightweight design, Ratio blends into the modern office environment. It is available with two kinds of electric height adjustment, including programmable presets for use at assigned desks, so the user can adjust their desk to the right height at the touch of a button, or manual height adjustment.

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