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Memory settings

Workstation can be set to remember
Workstation can be set to remember

The Autonomy Pro sit/stand workstation from Century Office allows users to adjust the height of their desk between 640 and 1300mm at the touch of a button. For added convenience, the workstation can be set to remember two user preferences (a sitting and standing height). Autonomy Pro comes with various safety features including an anti-crush sensor that detects obstructions.

Cable management

DATUM Flux+ is a robust sit/stand desk from DAS designed with both agile working and increased technology provision in mind. The desk features an easy-to-use electric controller; a management rail for monitor arms and desktop power modules; high-capacity cable management, with a full-width cable tray under the worktop; and optional leg covers that double as a cable riser and CPU mounting shelf.

Retrofit motor

Sit-Stand desking
Sit-Stand desking

KI’s Work2 Sit-Stand range of desks and meeting tables offers flexibility for businesses exploring this new way of working. The collection can initially be configured as fixed height and upgraded in the future with full sit-stand capability from Linak-powered actuators. The desk can be set to remember a user’s ideal sitting and standing height and features an integrated anti-collision sensor.

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