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Data security number one challenge for SMEs

Half (48%) of small and medium-sized businesses surveyed by Keypoint Intelligence for Konica Minolta highlight data security and protection as their number one IT challenge, with 37% claiming that employees have experienced virus, malware and security threats because of changes made in response to the pandemic. 

Almost half (47%) of SMBs from the UK, US, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Czech Republic surveyed for Top SMB IT Pain Points & Solutions say they have acquired or upgraded their IT security software or services since the start of the pandemic. 

Home working posed particular challenges, including the difficulty of managing remote workers (cited by 38%) and servicing/supporting remote workers’ hardware and software (44%). Almost half (49%) complained that they had difficulty equipping remote workers with the hardware or software that they needed. 

Other challenges associated with home working include communication with managers/co-workers (51%), locating files (37%) and collaboration on digital documents (30%). In response to these challenges, 33% of SMBs have invested in managed IT services; 35% have invested in document sharing and collaboration applications; and 45% have acquired/upgraded cloud data storage. 

Overall, 65% of decision-makers have said that the pressures of the pandemic had accelerated their digital transformation.

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