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Cybersecurity expert creates free videos to help people protect themselves from cybercrime.

To celebrate cybersecurity awareness month, businessman and owner of a cybersecurity training company Ian Murphy has created a series of free videos to help people to protect themselves against cybercrime.

Ian Murphy, who runs cybersecurity training company Cyberoff wants to, in his own words, make cybersecurity ‘less boring’ by injecting humour into his short training videos, which he is offering to people for free.

Ian uses a unique blend of comedy and animation to make traditionally uninspiring cybersecurity issues more engaging. He hopes that this will encourage more people to look after their safety online.

“I started doing these videos because I worked in cybersecurity a long time and I found that most people were just baffled with science,” says Ian.

“It doesn’t have to be complicated or boring and most people can protect themselves in a few basic steps. My videos try to engage people through animation and humour, so that they retain the information and enjoy the process- as much as you can with cybersecurity!”

Ian, who trains businesses within banking and logistics on the importance of cybersecurity decided to release a full suite of videos through Youtube in time for cybersecurity awareness month. His short videos, which titles include ‘The Scaminator’, ‘The Datatrix’ and ‘Phishing with Ian’ are a light way to cover topics such as scam awareness, keeping images safe on your mobile, identifying fake antivirus scams and staying safe over public networks.

“It’s a fun way for me to get my point across but these are really key issues that a lot of people are unfortunately still falling foul to. There are lots of vulnerable groups of people out there, as well as people who have a momentary lapse in judgement. Hackers and scammers are getting so sophisticated now that its important to make people aware of what they will and won’t be asked for via phone or email.”

CyberOff’s YouTube channel has over 25 videos that are grouped into playlists covering scams, family awareness and workplace awareness- all available for free now.

About CyberOFF

Founder and CEO at CyberOff, Ian’s goal is to make cyber security awareness fun, interesting, accessible, and engaging. Ian is a veteran in the cyber security industry with over 30 years’ experience. Now, Ian focuses much of his energy into his security awareness company, CyberOff. CyberOff specialises in delivering security training in a memorable and entertaining way. Clients include Free-Now, Booking Holdings, Cyber House Party, Distology and SOC.OS. You can view the Cyberoff videos on youtube here:

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