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Cyber Security: The Top 10 Risks

The top ten risks that keep Chief Internal Auditors awake at night

1 Cybersecurity and data security (78%)
2 Regulatory change and compliance (59%)
3 Digitalisation, disruptive technology and other innovation (58%)
4 Outsourcing, supply chains and thirdparty risk (36%)
5 Business continuity/resilience (31%)
6 Financial risks (30%)
7 Macroeconomic and political uncertainty (29%)
8 Human resources (27%)
9 Corporate governance and reporting (26%)
10 Communications and reputation (22%)

(source: Risk in Focus 2020. The new report from the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors provides internal auditors with guidance on how to protect themselves from today’s biggest risks, including cybersecurity, regulatory change and digitalisation.)