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Best ISP for Business:

Editor’s Choice: Business Info

What we liked:
• business-only ISP
• reliable service
• knowledgeable staff
• wide range of solutions
•outstanding customer support

With the ever increasing migration of applications and data storage to the cloud, high-speed, reliable connectivity has never been so important for businesses. As one of very few specialist business-only ISPs, Spitfire focuses on the needs of its customers through the provision of business-class ISP services.

These include a wide range of DSL and Ethernet services supported by value-added products, such as resilient options for business-class service delivery, converged voice and data, MPLS/managed WANs and monitoring services.

Support and choice
Unlike ISPs serving the domestic consumer market, Spitfire recognises the specific needs of the business community and develops services to satisfy their requirements.

Its broadband portfolio is unrivalled both in its diversity and price competitiveness; every product has a comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA); and to ensure resilience Spitfire aims to provide a back-up circuit with every solution.

In 2017, it launched a game-changing FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) Ethernet service, for only £99 a month and backed by performance SLAs. Supporting both voice and data connectivity, this bridges the gap between basic broadband and pure fibre Ethernet circuits, making highspeed Ethernet affordable for SMEs.

Spitfire’s core network spans four geographically diverse locations connected through its multi-10 Gigabit Ethernet London ring. Redundant links signifcantly reduce the risk of a customer network outage with the ring providing resilience should individual links fail. This means customers can spread their risk, for example by ensuring backup circuits are terminated in a different network node to primary ones.

Managed services
To help organisations set up the necessary infrastructure for cloud services, Spitfre has introduced Managed Network Services, through which it can manage an intelligent end-to-end network infrastructure for customers, freeing them from the time and expense of building and maintaining their own infrastructure.

In 2017, Spitfre expanded its supplier portfolio, re?ecting the company’s desire to offer carrier and pricing diversity for its Ethernet solutions. In addition to supplying Ethernet from BT Wholesale, Colt and Virgin Media Business, Spitfre now offers TalkTalk Business Ethernet, ensuring customers have an even greater choice of network and pricing options.

This comprehensive service is backed by excellent customer support, including SLAs that emphasise fast fault response and sophisticated online fault tracking alongside a ‘Keep-Customer-Informed’ policy. This ensures that customers receive regular updates by phone, email or text from Support Technicians who manage issues to completion. In a recent survey, over 90% of respondents said an issue was resolved on first-call.

Expert advice
As part of its customer service, Spitfire does a great deal to educate businesses and the broader IT community on the variety of solutions available.

At the start of 2017, it released a whitepaper warning that VoIP over VDSL could spell disaster for UK businesses. The Truth about VDSL and VoIP examines issues surrounding the use of VDSL circuits for voice over IP services and concludes that VDSL (Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line) technology is unsuitable for VoIP because it offers no QoS guarantees.

Later in the year, Spitfire’s IT Interface Manager Andy Duncan delivered a seminar at IP Expo 2017 in which he explained the benefits of MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) for multi-site businesses. MPLS provides an efficient and secure method of routing data on a private network protected from the Internet. To meet the needs of its customers, Spitfire provides a centrally managed solution that can grow with their business.

Staff training
Spitfire’s commitment to education and training extends to its own staff. Technical competence is so important to Spitfire that it doesn’t just provide IP training for technical staff, but also makes it mandatory for customer support technicians and sales people.

All of Spitfire’s engineers, tech support and sales people study for industry recognised qualifications, such as Cisco CCENT and CCNA, and staff continue to upskill their professional expertise as technology changes.

The company aims for the highest standards and operates a quality management system that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for the sales, installation and support of integrated telecommunications and internet solutions.

The team at Spitfre are delighted to have won this award and attribute their success to the dedication all staff show in understanding what their customers’ requirements truly are, so that they can sell them the right solution.

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