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Cornwall emerging as a business hub post-pandemic

Post pandemic Cornwall has established itself as a business hub within the UK, speaking with Georgina May, owner of Venton, contemporary conference facilities in the heart of Cornwall, says “Although the pandemic saw a lot of companies struggle, it was also a real boost for others. With many people relocating to rural Cornwall and calling it home, we have seen a rise in new customers using our facilities as a central meeting point for their new and already established businesses.”

G7 and the impacts it had on Cornwall

In June 2021, Carbis Bay welcomed Boris Johnson and the fellow G7 Leaders to the G7 summit. Which not only boosted local businesses but showcased Cornwall to the UK and the rest of the world. Cornwall might have not been a household name before the G7 summit, but it certainly was after.

The decision to hold the G7 summit in Cornwall shows how the county is developing in the right direction. Showcasing its world-class technology and science sectors, Cornwall also has a rapidly growing tech sector with digital and software firms employing hundreds of people in high-skilled jobs, bringing more jobs and people to Cornwall.

G7 has actively encouraged businesses to look to Cornwall as the perfect business hub and destination for events and conferences moving forward, using Cornwall as a place to relax from the hustle and bustle of London whilst still feeling the benefits of the capital hub.

The pandemic has not stopped Cornwall’s business growth

According to data from Companies House, the number of new businesses established in Cornwall increased to record highs for the third year in a row, despite the challenges posed by the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown restrictions.

In 2020, 2,951 new companies were registered in the county compared to the 2,948 during 2019. This brings the total number of registered companies in Cornwall to 23,804, increasing from 23,037 at the end of 2019, which represents a 3.3% growth YOY.

Whilst the pandemic might have halted everyday life, business growth in Cornwall has thrived. “We all had to adapt during the pandemic which we are still trying to navigate through, but starting a new business during this time, was testing,” Georgina says.  “From tailored seating arrangements to include the social distancing rules, to offering packed lunches instead of buffets, we adapted to every rule thrown at us. Thankfully, with no restrictions now in place we have seen a 68% increase in bookings with businesses and staff returning to face-to-face meetings.”

Cornwall is more than a holiday destination

Whilst Cornwall remains a holiday destination to most. The county is becoming increasingly popular within the business section. The region is also known for its hospitality, with almost 20 million visits made there from the UK and around the world each year. However, Cornwall is the perfect balance between an inspiring and functional workplace, proving why it is now being recognised as a business hub.

With the G7 summit putting Cornwall on the map as a business venue, businesses are using Cornwall as a business destination. Some are using Cornwall as a new way of working, whilst others are already here and are expanding to the growth Cornwall is already experiencing. With modern innovative workplace facilities and diverse landscapes, it’s easy to see why people are drawn to the location.

Celebrities have also recognised Cornwall as the place to be, with the likes of Harry Styles and Taylor Swift visiting the seaside destination within the first two months of 2022.

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