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Contact lens supplier sees clear benefits for printing with Toshiba

Feel Good Contacts, a leading online supplier of contact lenses, glasses and accessories, has been in the vanguard of these exciting developments for the past ten years. The company has strived for continuous improvement, and to develop streamlined yet environmentally friendly operations that deliver customer satisfaction leading to that all-important repeat business. These ambitions led the management at Feel Good Contacts to seek a faster and more efficient alternative for printing their despatch documents and labels.

Online retailers compete in a very crowded marketplace. Developing at a seemingly ever faster pace, internet shopping has shaped customer expectations and is constantly challenging retailers to become leaner, faster, more efficient and more price competitive.


“We handle almost 50,000 packages each month and for every one of these, a despatch note, and a label have to be printed and attached to the box,” explains Nimesh Shah, Head of Marketing at Feel Good Contacts. “We wanted to make the whole process quicker and easier for our packers so, after meeting RL Solutions at the PPMA show last year, we got in touch with them to discuss our options.”

At the time, Feel Good Contacts was using over sizedpaper for its despatch documents, which had to be cut and folded by the operators before being attached to the package.

The solution

“The solution we offered was to use Toshiba Tec’s DB-EA4D Double Sided Direct Thermal Label Printers,” said Lee Shroder, owner of RL Solutions. “These combine user-friendly operation with a high printing speed of up to 6 ips. They allow customers to use much smaller labels and to print the label at the same time as the packing list or despatch note, which is printed on the label backing paper. This solution offers an ideal alternative to traditional single-sided solutions and speeds up despatch operations for Feel Good Contacts.”

As well as making the printing processes faster and more efficient, dual-sided printing minimises the amount of paper Feel Good Contacts uses for labels and documentation, which saves money and reduces environmental impact. As an added bonus, the company also saves on storage space for blank labels and despatch note forms, which lowers the total cost of ownership.

Technology and know-how

The DB-EA4D double-sided label printer has been designed to offer a low-cost environmentally friendly solution for applications requiring dual output. Rugged and robust, it boasts a small footprint, making it ideal for retail and logistical operations where space is almost always at a premium. The printers are optionally available with paper roll holder options, further enhancing their flexibility and range of applications.

Everyday use is made easy by the auto-feed functionality with trouble-free quick paper-loading and, on the rare occasions that maintenance is required, this can be performed without the need for tools. All key components like the printhead and platen roller can be manually replaced in seconds by the user. What’s more, the standard Bartender software option allows users to easily design labels to meet their own specific requirements.

Positive impact

“We have been very pleased with the two label printers that RL Solutions supplied and installed for us,” enthused Nimesh Shah, Head of Marketing at Feel Good Contacts.

“The printers have made a remarkable difference to our bottom line by reducing the cost of print media and completely eliminating the cost of toner. They have also helped us improve our green credentials and reduce wastage.”

“But perhaps the most important benefit is that we save between one to two seconds on the packing time for every order. This may not sound like much, but it translates to over 26 hours of labour saved each month! We are now operating faster and more effectively and it’s all down to the DB-EA4D printers. This solution is also futureproof, and we are confident it will meet our needs for a very long time to come!”


RL Solutions and Toshiba Tec have provided more than just printers for Feel Good Contacts. The new printing solution makes it possible for the company to maximise its despatch output and get orders to end users faster with less of an environmental impact. The solution has changed the way the company operates and is helping to sow the seeds for future growth. With committed expert support from RL Solutions and Toshiba Tec, Feel Good Contacts is on track to realise even its most ambitious business plans!


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