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Contact centre bugbears

Giving call centre agents more power to make decisions could significantly improve caller satisfaction levels, or so new Inisoft research suggests. It polled 2,000 UK adults and found that the top five caller irritants were:

1 Having to repeat your complaint to multiple people (58%);

2 Being placed on hold repeatedly during the call as staff checked policy (40%);

3 Feeling like the person you’re speaking to is reading from a script (32%);

4 Not feeling that the person you are speaking to has the authority to fix the problem (32%);

5 Having the impression that the person you are speaking to is insincere (15%).

Oonagh McBride, Head of Inisoft, said: “All of the major customer bugbears are the sorts of experiences typical in a call to a poorly equipped call centre. Ironically, call centres that lack proper automation tend to give customers the impression that they are talking to automatons. A poorly equipped call centre will have staff floundering to find the answer to increasingly complex enquiries from customers, leading to delays, inconsistency and frustration. When confronted with ill-prepared call centre staff, customers often express fury.”

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