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Computing – Beware Slow Start-Up Times

A computer that takes longer than five minutes to start will produce at least 450 tons of CO2 emissions per year, the equivalent of 50,636 gallons of petrol! This is one of several thought-provoking statistics in Quantifying e-Waste in Corporate IT from Digital Employee Experience (DEX) management software provider Nexthink. Based on data collected from 3.5 million anonymised devices, the report highlights simple steps businesses can take to reduce the environmental impact of corporate IT, such as:

  • 1 Don’t automatically refresh every device. Nexthink’s research shows that 20% of devices that are replaced still perform perfectly well and don’t need to be changed. Of the 80% of machines that do have a low performance score, only 2% are unsalvageable; the remaining 98% are fixable with a simple RAM upgrade or by optimising startup performance.
  • 2 Reduce computer start-up times by checking the applications installed and upgrading old devices.
  • 3 Educate employees on green computing habits and create two-way communication between the IT team and employees. Nexthink says that, collectively, gaming, personal communication and media streaming apps generate 33 tons of CO2 emissions per year, which it would take 300 trees a full year to absorb. IT leaders have the potential to cut CO2 emissions by a minimum of 695 Kgs every week simply by educating workers about smart computing habits and by eliminating applications that are heavy emitters.

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