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Compostable coffee capsules

Businesses worried about the environmental impact of their Nespresso coffee machines might be interested in a new range of Nespresso-compatible capsules from Lost Sheep Coffee.

Made predominantly from wood bark, or lignin, a waste product of the paper industry, the capsules are 100% compostable and completely air-tight for 12 months, ensuring that the single-origin, grade 1, hand-roasted coffee stays fresh and delicious.

Stuart Wilson, Founder of Lost Sheep Coffee, said: “Until recently, compostable capsules had a very short freshness life as the airtight seal would perish faster than the plastic predecessors and the coffee inside would start to go stale after just a few months. Our coffee is graded in the top 5% for quality, so avoiding staleness was of great importance. After extensive research and development, our new capsules achieve a level of oxygen impermeability that enables Lost Sheep Coffee to guarantee a minimum shelf life of 12 months.”

Two varieties are available: Smooth Journey for everyday drinking; and Funky Camper for curious connoisseurs. Prices start at 28p per pod.

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